Statement of Goals

In keeping with PA’s mission to advance preservation as a diverse field of public and professional endeavors, and in acknowledgement of inherent biases, systemic racism, and white-centeredness within preservation practice, the Anti-racism / Equity Initiative was created by the Board of Preservation Alumni (PA) to promote and support social justice and equity within the PA community, at Columbia’s Historic Preservation (HP) program, and in the field of historic preservation.

The Initiative seeks to:

  • Amplify non-white and underrepresented voices and histories within the PA community.
  • Support and highlight members’ professional endeavors that use preservation as a tool for social justice and to empower historically marginalized communities.
  • Provide resources to members to help them remain informed about the role of historic preservation in promoting social justice and equity.
  • Facilitate connections between current students and alumni to strengthen historic preservation’s role in overcoming implicit bias and to support students’ contributions towards shaping a more just and equitable profession.
  • Support and encourage the HP program’s goals in achieving equity and diversity, through actions such as support for the program’s recruitment outreach efforts and assistance with providing opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds.

Pushing Perspectives

In an effort to address equity and diversity in our community and profession, in 2020, the initiative launched a new lecture series: “Pushing Perspectives.” This (currently) virtual series seeks to provide thoughtful conversations on the state of the preservation profession and explore methods that can be incorporated into our practice to address inclusivity and equity.

View the Pushing Perspectives channel

Have comments, questions, or an idea for our next panel? Please contact and we will be in touch soon.

Other Activities



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